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We bridge the gap between individuals with untapped knowledge and actors who can take advantage of these opportunities

Our vision

Failures of information goods

The failures of information goods

Information goods, unlike others, have unique properties that often lead to market failure, such as their non-rivalrous nature, high production costs, and low reproduction costs. Our approach using decentralization, game theory, and modern cryptography aims at overcoming these limitations to let markets of untapped information thrive.
Untapped valuable information is often exchanged within informal trust networks of acquaintances. This strongly hinders its propagation, meaning that it may not reach the actors with the capability to exploit the opportunity it offers. For instance, if someone knows of an untapped opportunity (still unknown real-estate opportunity for example) but does not have any connections with the capacity to take advantage of it, the opportunity may be lost.

Engineering design

Engineering design for incentive-compliant mechanisms

We understand that creating expansive, permissionless, and positive-sum protocols requires designing incentive-compliant mechanisms. The field of crypto currently lacks methods and tools to devise, study, and optimize mechanisms. Our team has developed a systematic methodology for designing sustainable incentive-compliant decentralized mechanisms, drawing upon the engineering design tools and techniques used in the aerospace industry.


Modern cryptography for trustless-based interactions

Advanced encryption schemes are necessary to enable information to flow securely and exclusively between participants within decentralized and incentive-compliant mechanisms. We believe the use of these schemes in a decentralized system can eliminate the need for trust in the trade of valuable information, thus changing how people behave and share public and private information in their daily lives.


Empowering a decentralized future

We believe that unstoppable and valuable large-scale marketplaces can emerge around the exchange of valuable information that were not possible before the advent of decentralization and the modern cryptography advancements. Our team of committed engineers and researchers are dedicated to creating and launching innovative and increasingly decentralized products that address complex challenges around untapped opportunities offered by information markets.

Our products

Capture The Alpha

Capture The Alpha, currently implemented on Arbitrum, introduces a competitive on-chain reputation system where individuals can register a piece of information and keep it secret with the guarantee that it won’t become public until a set of conditions triggers it, such as time passing or a certain number of people discovering it.

The Alpha Factory

The Alpha Factory, which operates on Polygon, facilitates the curation of unique crypto insights among individuals while incentivizing truthful participation through a peer consistency mechanism.


Since 2020, hotnewcrypto has been the first service that detects, curates, and presents a leaderboard of early crypto projects. The platform enhances the deal flow of investors by connecting them with the stealthiest crypto startups that are about to be launched.

Freatic Logo

We bridge the gap between individuals with untapped knowledge and actors who can take advantage of these opportunities.